Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

  1. Print: The gold border around the black text should be even on all sides. The fake product will have some inconsistency.
  2. Tab: The pull tab on the authentic product is a forest green color and the fake product is champagne. It is also shorter in length compared to the real palette.
  3. Size: The fake palette is a tiny bit bulkier than the original.
  4. Color: The color of the palette is more noticeable when open. The original palette should have the banners completely white. The fake palette is more of a pink tone.
  5. Text: The 3 categories “Day, Classic, and Fashion” should be in bold.
  6. Shadows: The eyeshadows should fill the insert as opposed to the fake palette where the shadows are smaller.
  7. Bottom: When you flip the palette over with the tab closest to you, the original palette should have the text upside down. The counterfeit will have the text upright. has 100% authentic makeup products, sold for up to 80% off retail. To find out more, shop now!

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