5 MakeUp Must Haves for That End-Of-Winter Glow

Winter is still around – and so are warm woollens and hot chocolate! But winter time should also signal another important change – the one to our skin care and makeup routine! Yes, cold air brings with it dry and dull skin – it strips our ability to produce natural oils that create a protective layer to trap moisture in. But fear not! We’ve put together a list of makeup must-haves that not only look fantastic in the winters, but also help hydrate your skin and lock in that moisture – giving you that perfect winter glow. Read on!

  1. Hydrating Foundation

Just like you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation, you can’t have great looking winter makeup without the right foundation! Go for one that not only offers great coverage, but also helps nourish your skin and restore its natural moisture. The Josie Maran Foundation Fluids are a good pick for that silky, soft finish – available in a variety of shades, and infused with nutrient-rich pigments and argan oil.

2. Lush Lips

Be it lips that are bright and bold, or soft and subtle, make sure your winter lip colors keep your puckers supple and moisturised. We personally love the Lorac’s Hydrating Lip Stains – not only do their highly pigmented colors translate beautifully on the lips, but they come packed with skin-friendly goodies like jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil and shea butter.

3. Creme Eye Shadow

To keep dull, dry eyelids at bay, it might be a good idea to replace your powder-based shades for part or fully cream based eye shadows. Tarte has a line of amazing part-cream part-powder shadow palettes with stunning colors, marine plant extracts, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and paraben-free and sulfite-free to boot.

4. Blush on

Bring that wintry glow to your cheeks with a cream based blush – they give you a dewy, silky glow, unlike powder based blushes that tend to absorb moisture from the skin. Gorgeous Cosmetics’ Creme Blushes are infused with Vitamin E, and has a color as yummy as its name – lending that velvety, warm glow to your cheeks

5. Body Glow

While nourishing your beautiful face is essential, don’t forget that the rest of your body needs some tender, loving care too! Pick a moisturiser/body butter that deeply nourishes your skin with natural oils (always pick skincare products infused with natural oils over mineral oil). Josie Maran’s selection of Body Butters are a great option – Silky, lightweight, and with 100% pure argan oil, aloe vera and more that go deep within your skin to restore its suppleness from within.

We hope this winter gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate – and with our handy tips, you have all you need for that warm, winter glow! Also, don’t forget to maintain a nightly moisturising routine, and do a fortnightly exfoliation with the right hydrating body wash to keep your skin smooth as silk. Happy winters to you!