Too Faced Peach Palette

  1. Lid Lip: An authentic palette will have the brand name “Too Faced” visible and not covered by the lip.
  2. Mirror Outline: Fake packaging will have an uneven gold border surrounding the mirror and may not fit the entirety of the palette’s lid.
  3. *Scent: Authentic palette will have a sweet peach smell. Although scents may fade over time, a fake palette may not have a scent at all.
  4. Lettering Print: The authentic product has gold print for the eyeshadow names meanwhile the fake palette is in light brown. The fake product also has the misspelling of “Talk Debby To Me” instead of “Talk Derby To Me”. has 100% authentic brand new and gently used makeup products. The products are sanitized and sold for up to 80% off retail.

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