NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

  1. Size: The fake foundation package is smaller in height compared to the original.
  2. Font: The logo on the front should be thin, but the counterfeit has a bold print with some imperfections. 
  3. Pump: The authentic pump is matte while the fake pump is shiny.
  4. Bottom: The fake foundation has ridges on the bottom of the bottle. The print on the sticker is also different. It includes the text “5HADA”. Also note that the product information is case sensitive. The real foundation states “1 Fl. Oz. 30 mL” while the counterfeit says “1 Fl. OZ. 30 ML”. has 100% authentic brand new and gently used makeup products. The products are sanitized and sold for up to 80% off retail.

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