Giveaway + Coupon Code for all make up lovers! I’m so freaking glad! (And no, I’m not being paid)

Hey guys!

So this is the first ever time I’m doing this, but I figured since we’re almost 30k on my blog, I could do this for you. I’m a make up addict (although I don’t do crazy styles) and I LOVE buying make up.

I recently discovered this website called Glambot that specializes in reselling pre-owned high end make up (no, don’t freak out yet lol, lemme fricking finish my sentence, damn!). Basically, people who don’t want their new to lightly used high end make up (and I’m talking actual high end) send it to the Glambot team, which checks the authenticity, thensanitizes the products (5 step high tech shit, ya know, they actually got a video on how they do that on their website), they then proceed to seal it and put it up for sale at a lower price on their website.

I personally just recently ordered some MAC, Kat Von D, Smashbox and whatnots on there and I’m really excited to get it, because limited editions often sell out super quick. I CONTACTED THEM, cause I wanted you guys to get some profit out of this whole situation, and HERE IS THE DEAL :

  • You can sign up here, and get 5$ credit on your account
  • You’ll also benefit 30% off your first purchase (and they’re also having 30% off all eye products) – and you can stack coupons hahaha
  • I also got you a coupon code that is valid till July 1st, enterANAIS30 for 30% off
  • You can refer your friends, which will get BOTH OF YOU 5$ crediton your account!
  • They’re also hosting a contest right now, where you can win theUrban Decay Vice XX LTD Reloaded Palette
  • Additionally : you can subscribe to the mailing list to get info about the limited editions added to the site, and even sell your make up to them, so that’s always good 🙂

THAT’S ALL GUYS, I really hope it’ll make some of you happy because I was so fricking happy to know about this and about the fact that they actually gave me a coupon code for you! Snapchat me and show me what you purchased @mvgtvr 🙂 LOVE YOU


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